Inside E.B.’s office

So here we are, waiting with our friends Simon and Toby to find out what happens since we were caught in the act with bags of eggs.

pg 37 pg 38 pg 39 pg 40

I know we were just getting started but I have to stop here – Toby is bugging me to take him outside. Ever since he and Simon ran away to find those Easter Eggs I don’t trust him outside alone! 

Next time, what the Great E. B. has to say to our little egg takers!



Yes, Virginia, there is a real Toby!!

Inside the Egg Factory!

Last time the boys were caught in the act of picking eggs! they were escorted to the factory by E. B. Farm’s workers. Today, let’s go inside the factory…

pg 33 pg 34 pg 35 pg 36

Next time we go inside E. B.’s office! Will we get to meet E. B.? I hope so! We’ll see you later!

Caught in the act!

Okay – we’re back from break! Our story: the boys have found the Easter Eggs and are in the middle of picking them. We left when an alarm went off (almost giving me a heart attack!). What happens now?

pg 29 pg 30 pg 31 pg 32

Next time: we go inside the factory!! Ya’ll come on back now, y’hear?

Picking the Eggs

Our story thus far, best friends Simon and Toby have walked all day to find the place where Easter Eggs grow right out of the ground. They finally arrive! Let’s see what happens next…

pg 23 pg 24 pg 25 pg 26 pg 27 pg 28

Oh my gosh! An alarm?! Nobody said anything about an alarm. Oh…I don’t think my heart can take it! Can yours? Sorry – this is called a cliff-hanger, which means you will just have to wait to find out what happens!

Growing Easter Eggs!



Our story so far: the friends have walked all day to reach E. B. Farms and they have finally made it! What will they find there?

pg 17 pg 18 pg 19 pg 20 pg 21 pg 22

Wow! Easter Eggs growing right out of the ground! Are they candy? or vegetable? or chickens? Hmmm, I didn’t think about including that little detail in the story! Oh well, maybe next time!

Speaking of next time, what will the boys do next?