Wurmland Veggies!

Let-us have some Wurmland Vegetables!


buttery nut enhanced

That’s a Buttery-Nut if I ever saw one!



green spring onion enhanced

A Springing Green Onion


turban squash enhanced

Doff your hat to the Turban Squash



tamata, tomata enhanced

And, finally, Tamata, Tomata, Fruitata


And, with that, next time, Wurmland fruit!



PS, Thanks explorer friend for these great pics! Don’t get caught sneaking into gardens!!

Wurmland Flora

Today for viewing pleasure I have for you some flora from Wurmland. Enjoy!


bilbo's baobab enhanced

A waobab tree commonly found on the grasslands. Quite a find since there is also a rare Bilboa horse in the picture. Kudos to my explorer friend!

mopiary enhanced

topiary enhanced












Melancholia Boxwuudia Shrub                         Evergreenia Pricklia Shrub

Two examples of fancy topiary commonly found in Wurmlandian gardens.



Other flora found in gardens are flowers.

bluebell blossom enhanced

blueheart bloom enhanced













Purpleanous Bellia                                                   Bluous Heartia


redheart bloom enhanced


sly dahlia enhanced











Rudia Pinkosia Heartia                                            Rudia Dahliosa


mixed-up thistle enhanced

Orchreia Thistlania


That’s all for now! I’ll be back again with pictures from a vegetable garden!! See you soon!



Wurmland fauna

I have some new pictures from Wurmland to share with you. My explorer friend, who still prefers to remain nameless because she goes incognito to many odd places and likes to blend in, has delivered some images of the animals of Wurmland. She obtained these pictures at great personal risk because there is no zoo there, these creatures just wander around!


lila mae enhanced

This is Lila-Mae, she made an appearance here once before (under Going Western). I didn’t know then that she is a Wurmlandian horse!


wurm-cow hybrid enhanced

Another grazing quadruped known as a ‘kow’. I wonder if this one gives gives milk and if its’ green?



hinds feet on high places enhanced

Here we have a picture of the Kalypso Hind, a type of deer that inhabits the rocky outcrops of wurm burrows. 



fauna fawn enhanced

Another picture of a Kalypso Hind, this time a fawn. Notice that her eyes are much larger than her parent’s; my friend said the eyes grow smaller as the hind ages. The science behind this phenomenon is still under study.



diamond ibex enhanced


Our last picture for today is of the Diamondhead Ibex, named for, well, you can figure it out! He lives in the vast grasslands and uses the bony prominences of his head to dig out the soft roots of indigenous grasses.


Next time I’ll share the rest of the animal pics. See you then!!

Museum of Wurmland

My explorer friend finally smuggled some pictures of the artwork supported by Van Goate of the Museum of Wurmland. I can’t believe these pictures hang in a museum! I used to do these as a child! But I promised last post that I would share them with you, so here they are. Judge for yourself.

amoeba enhanced

This one’s titled “Amoeba.” Looks more like a jumbled mess to me!



baby girl enhanced

 Who drew this one? “Baby Girl” must have been drawn by a baby.



the sneer enhanced

 Yep, I can see why this one is called “The sneer.” Can you?



monkey baby enhanced

“Monkey Baby” indeed! Cute monkey face.



feotus enhanced

 “Feotus” is kind of creepy. Is this what wurms looks like before they’re born? Hatched? Formed?




give face enhanced

 This one is called “Give Face.” What does that mean? Is this the wurm version of vogueing?

So what do you think? The work of an artist worthy to hang in a museum? Maybe in Wurmland. But more likely to be found hanging on a refrigerator in a family kitchen in our world!


Next time we’ll take a look at some of the fauna of Wurmland. Very nice animals wander around that land!

In Wurmland, part duex

So our journey into Wurmland continues with new pictures from my explorer friend. Tonight she brings us the following citizens of this strange wurld.


van goate enhanced

First up is Van Goate, curator of Wurmland Museum. Artists vie for his approval but few get it. He’s a bit stuffy and pretentious. He also prefers to be called V.G.


Henri enhanced


Here is the artist Henri. He has been trying for years to have his sculptures accepted into the Museum but V.G. refuses to even consider his work. This has driven Henri a little mad.


goren blues enhanced


Another tortured artist V.G. refuses to recognize is Goren Blues. His primarily blue paintings have been repeatedly turned away by the Museum and Goren is close to tears most of the time.


n. v. ous enhanced


Our final artist of the evening is Nall Von Ouse. He is a distant relative of Goren Blues and is a performance artist. In protest to V.G.’s strict museum policies, he performs outside the Museum Burrow mocking  both V.G. and the artists represented.

I asked my explorer friend about the artists that were represented by the Museum and she said her contacts were trying to smuggle out some their pictures but I would have promise not to tell where they came from. I may have them in a few days. I’ll keep you posted!!

In the Land of Wurms

The other day I met an explorer who went to a far away place and came back with these extraordinary pictures of indigenous residents of this odd land. She shared them with me and now I share them with you!

Dan'l Boon enhanced


This is Dan’l Boon and he was the explorer’s guide through the Land. He introduced her to all kinds of folks. He looks as though he has seen a lot of trouble in his life with all those wrinkles!

the old man enhanced

And speaking of wrinkles, here is the Wurmmeister, known affectionately as “the Old Man.” Wow! Lot’s of wrinkles on him, guess it is all the worrying from being in charge.

Frank Lloyd enhanced The is Frank Lloyd and he is the main builder in the village. He makes sure everyone has a safe, comfortable and stylish burrow to live in.

jester jack enhanced

Our last picture for today is of Jester Jack. He is the joker of the village and apparently, played several tricks on my explorer friend – like putting toothpaste inside her boots.

There are more pictures to come, so we’ll see you next time!!

om logo jpeg



Into the Deep-er

Once again, we dive deep, deeper into the darkness. The further down you go into the ocean the less light there is and fish need really big eyes to see with. These two fish have super big eyes and live alongside the volcanic rock formations on the bottom of the ocean.




The first one is the Sapphire Butte, named for his coloring and flat face.
img165 enhanced

om logo jpeg


This second fish, the Bulbous Billy, is named for his prominent nose-like feature.

img163 enhanced

om logo jpeg


We rise back to the surface to see our final fish on this visit. She is known as the Orange Arabesque and is a rare find among the tropical coral reefs in the Eastern Seas.


Stitched Page 1 enhanced

om logo jpeg


We will visit the ocean again soon. Our next journey will be to the strange world of Wurms!