The Enormous Easter Egg Hunt!

You’ve been patiently waiting, so finally, here is the Egg Hunt – and the boy’s parents! Let’s go fins those eggs!

pg 55 pg 56 pg 57 pg 58 pg 59 pg 60 pg 61 pg 62 pg 63 pg 64


Wow! What an adventure the boys had!! they will be talking about this one for a long time! 


I hope you enjoyed the story. I will be posting it on it’s own page this weekend and plan on publishing through very soon, so if you want a paper copy of your own, click on the link I’ll include on the page.

Their next adventure will be to the Giant Redwoods (or maybe sequoia’s) but I won’t start working on that project until later in the year or in early 2015. 

Currently I am working on Auntie Goose Nursery Rhymes – Mother Goose with a Sabina twist. Stay tuned!!

In honor of Halloween, I’ll post a link to Simon and Toby’s Halloween adventure!!


Simon and Toby say goodbye to E.B.

How wonderful! E.B. forgave our friends and all is well! Today we follow them home, but we won’t meet their parents until next time.  Sorry, I just love a good cliffhanger!!

pg 49 pg 50 pg 51 pg 52 pg 53 pg 54

Hmmm, what are they up to? We’ll find out tomorrow – or at least before Halloween, I promise!!

Simon and Toby come clean

Our story so far, our boys are meeting with E. B. about what they did. Will they admit what they did was wrong? Will they get into trouble? What will E.B. do?

pg 41 pg 42 pg 43 pg 44 pg 45 pg 46 pg 47 pg 48

Oh! Thank goodness E.B. forgave them! Whew! For a minute there I thought we were going to be in tears along with Simon and Toby. So, what’s next? Oh, yes – we still have the egg hunt to go to and I think we even get to meet the boy’s parents! Stay tuned! 

Ps – please forgive the typo I just noticed. I will go back and fix it in the main file.

Pss – On October 31 I will be posting a link to Orange, Black, Pumpkin Patch – Simon and Toby’s Halloween and first adventure!


Inside E.B.’s office

So here we are, waiting with our friends Simon and Toby to find out what happens since we were caught in the act with bags of eggs.

pg 37 pg 38 pg 39 pg 40

I know we were just getting started but I have to stop here – Toby is bugging me to take him outside. Ever since he and Simon ran away to find those Easter Eggs I don’t trust him outside alone! 

Next time, what the Great E. B. has to say to our little egg takers!



Yes, Virginia, there is a real Toby!!

Inside the Egg Factory!

Last time the boys were caught in the act of picking eggs! they were escorted to the factory by E. B. Farm’s workers. Today, let’s go inside the factory…

pg 33 pg 34 pg 35 pg 36

Next time we go inside E. B.’s office! Will we get to meet E. B.? I hope so! We’ll see you later!

Caught in the act!

Okay – we’re back from break! Our story: the boys have found the Easter Eggs and are in the middle of picking them. We left when an alarm went off (almost giving me a heart attack!). What happens now?

pg 29 pg 30 pg 31 pg 32

Next time: we go inside the factory!! Ya’ll come on back now, y’hear?