Upcoming Weather Challenge

A favorite blog that I follow has a weekly one-word challenge; Jennifer Nichole Wells is expanding the One-Word challenge to include a Weather series. Last year when I participated in the challenge I tried to do photos but occasionally I doodled my entries (see: SMOG, HAIL, and FOG/HUMID). This year she’s encouraging participants to use photos, poems, quotes, or whatever suits their fancy to meet the challenge. I encourage you to visit Jennifer’s blog and join in on the challenge!!

Here is a list of the weather words and the dates that are assigned to them. The chart is my own, but if you decide to participate, you can copy mine or wait for Jennifer to post one of her own (she usually does!).weather-13

Since I’m into paper collage right now, I’ve decided to alter a book with paper collage. I’m starting with  Goode’s World Atlas (from college days -the 1980s).IMG_3245

I’ve divided up the pages and laid out where each weather event goes in the book.IMG_3246

I’ve started working on some of the pages already – I won’t preview “Cloud” since it’s first up on the list. Instead, here are some previews of “Sun,” “Hail,” and “Flood.”IMG_3247



So I’ll be posting those collages each week along with my usual Blogging A to Z, 2017 collage update!!  Please check out Jennifer’s blog and consider following her!!

Happy Creating!!


Collage Update 7/24/16!

Here’s another update! I’m making great progress – but some letters still have a long way to go.

I completed 4 letters this week – H, L, M and U!!

Here’s an update on one letter, I, that would have been finished but for the letters being so small!



Here’s another update on two very slow-going letters, X and Z!


And here’s the count!  First up, color letters, the blacked out letters are finished; Q, as usual, is not ‘blacked-out’ yet!az 2017 count color


Here’s the count for the black and white letters, ‘oranged-out’ letters are completed! At the rate of 4 letters a week, I should be finished by the end of August – but that’s not taking into account J, Q, X and Z!!

az 2017 count-1 bw


On August 6th, I’ll be starting a new collage challenge I will share more about that this week! 

In the meantime, happy creating!!!


Sharing my world!

I participating in Cee’s Photography Blog for Share Your World!



What is the perfect pizza?

DPZ_N4_HP_pan_899_solidred Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza, with cheddar cheese, beef and banana peppers!  YUM!!!!


What is your favorite time of day?

working late night I prefer to be a night owl – I hate mornings but my job requires me to be up at 3 am to be on time by 5 am. I’ve been doing the job for 4 years and I hate every morning I have to get up so early.


Show us two of your favorites photographs?  The photos can be from anytime in your life span.  Explain why they are your favorite.056

Toby as an itty bitty kitten. I love the look on his face. I like to imagine it to be one of love.


syw ladybird

My sweet LadyBird, the first Easter (and last) with her (was it only 2 years ago?) – we were driving to my sister’s in Currituck, N.C. She was riding in mom’s lap and I got this shot accidentally because I was taking random shots while driving (I know, bad driver!). I love how it turned out – with the serene look on her face, being enveloped by the warmth of the sun.



Complete this sentence:  I’m looking forward to….

Going to the BlogPaws Conference, 2017 next May!! It’s in Myrtle Beach and I’ll be able to drive there!! I’d like to take Toby – I just need to desynthesize him to being around tons of people at a time. He likes people and is harness/leash trained so that part’s done. Soon as the weather turns we’ll be able to get out and travel about!!

BoB_Badge_2016_160x160 This is this year’s badge. The conference was in Phoenix and I wasn’t able to attend.


025 My future traveling buddy!!! 

A to Z Collage Update 071716!

So I am growing tired of these letters! Not so much the searching in magazines, or cutting them up but the sorting drives me absolutely crazy!! sorting2

But I’ve come to far to quit now! I’ll just keep pushing on until I get to the end!! The reward comes  when I start adding the 3D stuff!!!

I finished 4 letters this past week – N, R, S, and T!


I finished 1 more color letter this week – X!IMG_3186


That means I have 1 last color letter left  -Q!IMG_3182


Q is the problem child of the alphabet! But I have hope!!!

Here’s the latest letter count – letters ‘blacked or oranged out’ are completed!color letters 071716black and white count 071716

Happy Creating!!!!


Sharing My World!!

Participating in Cee’s Share Your World this week!!!  


What is your earliest memory?

When I was 5 I had my tonsils out – the only thing I remember is the hospital room and her my mom’s dress – it was a black sun dress with big red hibiscus all over it. tonsils


What was the last photo you took with your phone?

Took it this morning!!IMG_3157


Have you ever danced in the rain?

15 years ago I took my young nephews to a theme park and half way through the day it rained – we had a great time playing in the rain. It’s been too long since I’ve done something so frivolous!!

matt bg


What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

Maybe 36 hours? When I was young and crazy – now never more than 20 hours

stay awake