CYW:2017 – it begins…

I started creating the melted crayon art this weekend. I’ll show you what I did then will tell you what I learned!

0361. the inspirational picture, color: Sunset Orange

037 2. rough pencil sketch

039 3. basic coloring in of sketch with the crayon


Then comes the melting!

050 4. First pour – I really liked the wax on the page like this. Too bad it won’t stay. If I were pouring on a harder surface (than white cardstock) I could lift it off in once piece once it totally cooled and then adhere with a strong adhesive. Nope! Too many colors to do and not enough time!


054 5. After the crayon wax has been removed. With some pours no pigment remains, just wax. Other pours the pigment is left behind. I haven’t figured out why yet but it makes for time-consuming  double and triple pours.


058 6. melted crayon everywhere!!

059 7. its on the carpet, too.

060 8. color: melon – over spill from pour and speckles from sunset orange accident.

Lessons learned:

  1. melting crayons is smelly work; keep fan on and window open; if you heat too fast and too long it smokes
  2. melted wax crayon doesn’t go where you want it to when you pour; use a guide or straight-edge!
  3. don’t move picture (if working on multiple colors at the same time) until the just poured wax has skinned over – use fan for quick cooling (see #6-8)
  4. this is very MESSY!
  5. keep cats away!


To Do List:

  1. figure out wax/pigment residue problem
  2. try to do one color a night to speed up process

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!!!

Handmade Ornaments – decoupage

No, this mouse ornament isn’t decoupaged! It’s porcelain handpainted by my Mama Bush that I forgot to include in the last ornament post. Such a sweet mousie!011


Warning: objects in the following photos are smaller than they appear!

These birdhouse ornaments were decoupaged by me a million years ago. They started out as simple paper mache that I covered with various and sundry items. They look large but are in reality only about 2 inches tall. A long ago gift to mom.

Spring – house and roof decoupaged with magazine photos of flowers; crochet lace; decorative buttons.spring


Summer – handmade gold paper decoupaged on the house and roof; decals of flowers; cream colored lace; decorative buttons013


Autumn – house and roof, autumn colored stamps; fall buttons; purple lace017


Winter – house, red paint; roof, white lace; itty bitty pine cones and berries016

Many more to come!!!!

Weekly Weather:Summer

This week’s weather topic is Summer!!!

Enjoy the warmth – even if its only in your head!


Summer, full two page spreadsummer-full


Summer, left page. I love the fancy brads used on the flower centers. I’ve had those brads for years and have wanted to use them on some project. The really pretty ones are on autumn’s pages, but you’ll have to wait a week to see those!summer-left

Summer, right pagesummer-right

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Handmade Ornaments

Throughout the month of December I’ll be posting photos of handmade Christmas ornaments, mostly belonging to my mom. I helped her decorate her tree this weekend and took photos of the ones she hung on the tree. Others are from my own collection of ornaments. And others will be for sale! (More about that later.) 

I hope you’ll like them and maybe willing to try them (no instructions included; sorry you’ll have to figure some out for yourself!).

Here’s the first group:

Porcelain gift, painted by my beloved Mama Bush, fired by Aunt Blanche019

Porcelain Santa, painted & fired by my Aunt Blanche020

Porcelain Santa, painted by Mama Bush, fired by Aunt Blanche024

Aunt Blanche used to purchase porcelain blanks, paint and the fire them. Mama Bush, already very talented, would visit and paint some porcelain as well. Together they painted ornaments, figurines, plates and tiles. Both talented ladies are gone now, these ornaments are circa 1976 or so.


Cans, cans and more cans!

img_7042Whatever could this be??

It’s the first 45 washed and drying cans for the potentially 120+ I will need for my melted crayon art project!! I’ve already got two cuts on my fingers from the cans – it’s a good thing my tetanus shot is up-to-date! I really need the “Ove-Glove!”


I am in the prepping stage of the project. I’ve found all my colors; solidified my vision and process; and am now finishing the prep work. I post later this week about the prep work I’m doing. This weekend my plan is do the first 5 colors; but we’ll see how it goes. I hoped to have all 120 finished before the challenge started January 1st but as it is almost December, I doubt I’ll fulfill that plan. So Plan B is to stay at least one month ahead, preferably 2 months as I’ve got the A to Z challenge in April to prep for as well!!! 



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Weekly Weather: Spring

This week’s weather topic is Spring!! When I am huddled in bed at night under 2 blankets and 2 cats on top of me, I remember spring and think “when will she arrive?”

Spring, full 2 page spread. spring-full

Spring, left page – I chose to work mostly with the colors from the pie charts in the map – they seemed very spring-like to me!spring-left

Spring, right page – I cut up an art page I found in a magazine and tiled the squares over the page in random order. The colors were perfect.spring-right

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Thanksgiving Turkeys on Display

My sister works for a branch of the local library and is always looking for things to put in the display case by the front door. All of the branches have display cases for patrons to show off whatever collectibles they have. I volunteered my turkey collection because of, well, you know! And I wanted to share them! 057


Bottom shelf, Beanie Baby turkeys – my sister put them down at the bottom for the kids to look at. Of the old style beanies, I’m missing 3 turkeys – one of these days I’ll find them to add to the flock. Next shelf up are 2 napkin holders, one plastic, one ceramic, a turkey teapot (so gorgeous!!!!) and a pumpkin-turkey figurine made of resin.062


On the middle shelf are a pair of Fitz & Floyd candle holders and the prize of my collection, a McCoy cookie jar. The red of the wattle and ‘cookies’ lettering has worn off but I love it anyway. A thrift store treasure for $19.99.060


At the very top, a super big polyresin turkey , a turkey-shaped sauce container (rear) and in front, the most recent addition, a planter.061

As you can probably tell from the flock other than the beanies, I like my turkeys in their natural state – not dressed as pilgrims or anything else cutesy. Also, with the exception of the beanies, the teapot and the super big one, my flock has been found at thrift stores through the years. About 5 years ago I realized my flock was beginning to overwhelm me and I decided to stop buying all that I saw. I got rid of the ones I didn’t love or really like and since then I limit myself to one a year – which is kind of easy since turkeys are a very seasonal item. Of course, if I bring one home, I have to get rid of one of the ones I really like – but never the ones I love!! I’ve got to keep the flock culled or they’ll take over!!!

Thank you for letting me share my turkey flock with you! Happy Turkey Day!!!