A to Z Collage Update 082916!

I’m almost finished with the letters!!! Yippee!!  I finished Q and X this week! That means the only letter left is J! Here’s Q and X:

0829 q0829  x

I will admit I’ve cheated on the letters! Some of the Qs are Os with added squigglies. And at the very end I used 2 Vs to make Xs. Wish I had thought of that sooner!! I’m hoping by next post I’ll be finished with J. When I’m done with J I’ll share my cheats on that letter!

I thought I’d try out adding some 3-D elements; I had a ton of heart buttons and used them on the letter H. I’m not sure I like it – 0829 h0829 h detail I think it has to grow on me. Outlining the color letters is what I saw in my head but in reality I don’t know if it’s what I want to do. I’m still thinking that part through. Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. Who knows where I’ll be in a week’s time!

Here’s the next to the last letter count! Color letter count hasn’t changed but the black and white letters have changed, of course. I’m wondering about the Q letter count. It seems a little low to me but I’m not going back and recounting!az 2017 count bw-1az 2017 count color-1


Since I am coming to the end of the weather challenge I’ve started a new project, altering a deck of cards!  I’ll start showing those probably next week. It’s been a long drought with me creatively speaking so now that the juices are flowing I am brimming with ideas!!! (The challenge goes on through May, 2017, but I’m almost finished creating my entries.)

Happy creating!!!



Weekly Weather: Freezing Rain

Time for another entry in the Weekly Weather Challenge (more info below)! It’s Freezing Rain this week! Brrr! It’s cold here in the Weather Challenge!!! Don’t get too cold and wet standing around outside!!!

Two page spread of altered atlas for Freezing Rain…freezing rain full


Toby helping me take photos! (He is my orange shadow!)freezing rain full photo bomb

Freezing Rain , left page                    freezing rain right photo bomb

Detail of poem.freezing rain left poem

Freezing Rain, right page freezing rain right


Detail of poem.freezing rain right poem


Please consider joining the challenge! Jennifer (host of challenge) accepts all entries – photos, writing, drawing – any kind of art!!! You don’t have to start at the beginning – jump in anytime!!!weather-finalweekly-weather

Go HERE to find out more about the challenge!!!

Frida K.

Another completed work from my favorite artist – Jane Perkins –


It’s Frida Kahol – gorgeous isn’t it!!! Now, tell me can you spot the following items: the PowerPuff Girls, a rooster, a hummingbird, a cake, a purple hippo, and some bingo markers?

Here’s Jane Perkin’s blog where you can find more of her art.


Collage update 082216!

Here’s my weekly A to Z Challenge 2017 update! Not much has changed – still working on J, Q and X!


I’m going on another magazine run tomorrow – I hope I find some good ones – I’m really looking forward to finishing! 

I started sealing the completed pictures – no photos yet but I’m half-way through with them. I’m only putting one coat on – then after adding the 3-D objects I’ll put several coats on to finish. For the first coat I’m using the following: 0822a

I found it at a thrift store for 99 cents and I’m all about doing this project as cheaply as possible – with the upside being fewer things going into the landfill. 

Here’s the current letter count!!!BW count 081916color 081916


That’s it for today!! Next week I hope to show you a completed J, Q and X! And a start on the fun part of the project!!!

Have a Creative Day and/or Week!!!!cliparistpaint



Weekly Weather – Fog

Here’s my submission for Jennifer Nichole Well’s Weekly Weather Challenge! This week’s theme is Fog. Please consider joining her challenge – she accepts all types of submissions, from photos to art to writing!!! Click on the badge below to go to her blog and submit your art!!

Fog – two page spread in an old atlas

Fog full


Pegasus flying in with fog over a map of Liverpool and London, cut from scrapbook paper. A small print of an illustration of Carl Sandberg’s poem, Fog.

Fog left


Carl Sandberg’s poem, Fog, cut from the magazines I’m using for my other collage challenge, A to Z 2017.  Woven strips of scrapbook paper, left over from another weather page’s scrapbook paper cuttings and lots of small, decorative brads. Map base is Germany and the Netherlands.

Fog right


weekly-weather Click on the badge for more Weekly Weather Fun!!!


Why are noses so difficult?!

A new artwork in progress by my favorite artist, Jane Perkins!!

Jane Perkins

I’m currently working on a portrait of Frida Kahlo for Red Propeller Gallery, Kingsbridge. Sarah Anslow, the gallery owner, recently visited Mexico and is crazy about all things Frida! At the moment, I cannot get Frida’s nose right – more work to be done… I won’t give up the challenge!

Headdress, work in progress Headdress, work in progress

terrible nose - work in progress! Terrible nose – work in progress!

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A to Z Collage Update: 08-14-16

Hey all! I finished 3 more letters this week! Which means only 3 left!! I finished F, V, and Z!



The final 3 letters are J, Q & X!


Next weekend I’ll be sealing the collages to their bases – even if I haven’t finished J, Q, & X. I may leave them unfinished – I kind of like that look. I have some cross stitch pieces I never finished but had framed because it ended up looking kind of cool. I’ll see how I feel next weekend!

I finally have a letter count to share! The ‘oranged’-out and blacked-out letters are finished!az 2017 count bw-1az 2017 count color-1


Next week after sealing, the real fun begins!! I can’t wait!! 

In the meantime, keep creating art!!