Jane Perkins’ New Work

One of my favorite artists has posted 2 pieces of her new work. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jane Perkins, she makes exquisite works of art out of recycled materials. I have featured her before and always do when she has new work to show. Enjoy:


I would never have the patience to do this work! So beautiful!!!



Blogging A to Z: Z is for…

Book Cover Makeover and Review!

My Cover:

z for zachariah abc

Published Cover:


Makeover Process:

The book centers around a tragic event that has decimated the earth and left only a few alive. Somehow one little valley has survived the radiation poisoning that has killed the rest of the countryside. I chose a photo of this village in a little valley.

z alpine_mountain_valley-1280x800

I wanted a photo that exhibited absolute destruction so I chose this photo of the result of the eruption of Mount St. Helen.z  Mt_St_Helens078-vi

I combined the green valley and the Mount St. Helens destruction. Then softened it and made it black and white, leaving the valley as green and verdant as in the book.

z for zachariah ab

loc badge review


Zippy-dee-doo-dah!! I’m done! Made it through all the letters – and on time!! Yippee!!! I will be posting my Reflections post after I’ve slept for 2 weeks (would that I could!!)

2016 survivor



Blogging A to Z: W is for …

Book Cover Makeover and Review:

My Cover:

welcome to the world (2)

Published Cover:

welcome to the world

Makeover Process:

I really struggled over this cover. The story takes place mainly in New York City – and moves to small town Missouri. The main character is a broadcast news reporter in the 1970s so I tried all sorts of 70s themed stuff and finally went with this old timey ‘screen saver’!

please stand by

loc badge review