My first book with MS Word.

Born out of boredom almost two years ago, I started making pictures from the shapes menu available on MS  Word. The first picture was of fish – it seemed the easiest to do. The more I made these pictures, the more I liked it. About 4 or 5 months later I tried my hand at a book.

After I wrote my first book  I tried to self-publish it. This is a very expensive process for someone on a limited income. But I kept writing and illustrating them and saving them for one day in the future when I would be able to afford publishing. I have published 3 books on, but at $25+ per book, it remains cost prohibitive for me and I can only afford one or two books at a time every few months. So along came blogs. I thought what a great way to publish my books in a serial manner and share them with who ever would be interested in reading them!

My goal is to publish a couple of pages every day or so. So here is my first one, Simon Finds a Forever Home.  Its about Simon, a solid black cat rescued from the wilds of suburbia. I hope you enjoy it and come back again for more!

om logo jpegsimon finds a home_0001

simon finds a home_0004simon finds a home_0005

simon finds a home_0006simon finds a home_0007

simon finds a home_0008simon finds a home_0009

to be continued…


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