In Wurmland, part duex

So our journey into Wurmland continues with new pictures from my explorer friend. Tonight she brings us the following citizens of this strange wurld.


van goate enhanced

First up is Van Goate, curator of Wurmland Museum. Artists vie for his approval but few get it. He’s a bit stuffy and pretentious. He also prefers to be called V.G.


Henri enhanced


Here is the artist Henri. He has been trying for years to have his sculptures accepted into the Museum but V.G. refuses to even consider his work. This has driven Henri a little mad.


goren blues enhanced


Another tortured artist V.G. refuses to recognize is Goren Blues. His primarily blue paintings have been repeatedly turned away by the Museum and Goren is close to tears most of the time.


n. v. ous enhanced


Our final artist of the evening is Nall Von Ouse. He is a distant relative of Goren Blues and is a performance artist. In protest to V.G.’s strict museum policies, he performs outside the Museum Burrow mocking  both V.G. and the artists represented.

I asked my explorer friend about the artists that were represented by the Museum and she said her contacts were trying to smuggle out some their pictures but I would have promise not to tell where they came from. I may have them in a few days. I’ll keep you posted!!


One thought on “In Wurmland, part duex

  1. Lovely art and interesting people. Do I get the impression VG is based upon someone you know?


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