Museum of Wurmland

My explorer friend finally smuggled some pictures of the artwork supported by Van Goate of the Museum of Wurmland. I can’t believe these pictures hang in a museum! I used to do these as a child! But I promised last post that I would share them with you, so here they are. Judge for yourself.

amoeba enhanced

This one’s titled “Amoeba.” Looks more like a jumbled mess to me!



baby girl enhanced

 Who drew this one? “Baby Girl” must have been drawn by a baby.



the sneer enhanced

 Yep, I can see why this one is called “The sneer.” Can you?



monkey baby enhanced

“Monkey Baby” indeed! Cute monkey face.



feotus enhanced

 “Feotus” is kind of creepy. Is this what wurms looks like before they’re born? Hatched? Formed?




give face enhanced

 This one is called “Give Face.” What does that mean? Is this the wurm version of vogueing?

So what do you think? The work of an artist worthy to hang in a museum? Maybe in Wurmland. But more likely to be found hanging on a refrigerator in a family kitchen in our world!


Next time we’ll take a look at some of the fauna of Wurmland. Very nice animals wander around that land!


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