Wurmland fauna

I have some new pictures from Wurmland to share with you. My explorer friend, who still prefers to remain nameless because she goes incognito to many odd places and likes to blend in, has delivered some images of the animals of Wurmland. She obtained these pictures at great personal risk because there is no zoo there, these creatures just wander around!


lila mae enhanced

This is Lila-Mae, she made an appearance here once before (under Going Western). I didn’t know then that she is a Wurmlandian horse!


wurm-cow hybrid enhanced

Another grazing quadruped known as a ‘kow’. I wonder if this one gives gives milk and if its’ green?



hinds feet on high places enhanced

Here we have a picture of the Kalypso Hind, a type of deer that inhabits the rocky outcrops of wurm burrows. 



fauna fawn enhanced

Another picture of a Kalypso Hind, this time a fawn. Notice that her eyes are much larger than her parent’s; my friend said the eyes grow smaller as the hind ages. The science behind this phenomenon is still under study.



diamond ibex enhanced


Our last picture for today is of the Diamondhead Ibex, named for, well, you can figure it out! He lives in the vast grasslands and uses the bony prominences of his head to dig out the soft roots of indigenous grasses.


Next time I’ll share the rest of the animal pics. See you then!!


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