Sunday Funny Page – The Oatmeal

Happy Sunday! Another cold and rainy winter day here in my neck of the woods. Here is one long comic from the folks over at The Oatmeal.

How to pet a kitty


The folks over at The Oatmeal certainly know cats! I love their website. You can look forward to more Sunday comics from them!

Now, get out and enjoy your day!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Funny Page – The Oatmeal

  1. Oh, this is all very accurate. It’s so hard to tell the difference between empathy or murder though!


  2. Do you know, I have never frolicked in the back hair of an angel? There’s one for the bucket list!


  3. Brilliant! I obviously missed calculated the timing yesterday as I had to make it up at 2:30 AM 😉


  4. this is a riot! And very true!!


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