Wee Willie Winkie

Hello kiddies, I hope everyone had a great weekend and planted big smooches on the one’s you love on Valentine’s Day! To start the new week, here’s a rhyme about someone who likes to peep in windows! Love and feathers, Auntie Goosewee willie winkie_0001

Mother Goose Version

Other Versions





 Wee Willie Winkie on Xmas Eve by LindaAppleArt

 Wee Willie Winkie by Salley Mavor

 Wee Willie Winkie wall art by John Worsley







The explanation of the words to Wee Willie Winkie was to teach children to associate every day tasks with their own lives. Before the days of the wireless, television and the Internet great reliance was put upon the Town Crier to pass on the latest news and information. ‘Wee Willie Winkie’ was the children’s version of the Town Crier! The author of the poem was William Miller (1810 – 1872) and the first publication date of the words to Wee Willie Winkie was in 1841. Nursery Rhymes Lyrics and Origins



6 thoughts on “Wee Willie Winkie

  1. This is wonderful and i enjoyed the read and info.


  2. I always find the number of different uses nursery rhymes are put to quite fascinating. The character of Wee Willie Winkie seems to be quite versatile. 🙂 I know what sort of giggles my brothers and I would have had in our younger days about Wee Willie Winkie sausages, though! Probably not the best marketing strategy there…


  3. Except for that first one, Wee Willie Winkie didn’t seem to be doing anything bad. I’m betting the name “Wee Willie” doesn’t help these days. I’m not sure exactly how it translates to a town crier though. He’s checking up on kids, but he’s not really giving them information.


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