Muzzy’s Bad Tuesday at Work

Auntie Goose is going to take the next 5 days off because I was nominated by Jennifer over at Jennifer Nichole Wells (PLEASE click on the image to go to her site – you won’t regret it!) to participate in the ‘5 photos, 5 stories.’ The challenge rules: “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days, and tell a story about each photo.  The story can be truth or fiction, poetry or prose.” Jennifer works with miniatures and creates fascinating worlds that tell stories. So with her art as my inspiration I have this little mohair cat named Muzzy that I decided to put into different situations to see what super-short stories might surface. Muzzy is about 3 1/4 inches tall and is mildly flexible. Another rule is to nominate another blogger to participate and would like to nominate Olga – she has beautiful photography over on her blog. Please check out her blog!

Life With Muzzy

After Muzzy’s Monday morning manic commute, he hope his Tuesday would be much better. Poor Muzzy – he was so wrong. You see, his boss told him to staple together 100 project manuals, and Muzzy being so small, he had to jump on the stapler to make it work!

muzzy has a bad day at the office bWell wouldn’t you know it! He slipped, fell and wedged his foot in the confounded machine! Oh he was so upset and meowed loudly in pain. “Help!” he shouted, “I’ve got a staple in my foot!”

muzzy has a bad day at the office aWell Frank came along and used a pair of scissors to unjam the stapler and proceeded to lose his grip and poor Muzzy! He ended up between the scissors sharp blades.

muzzy has a bad day at the office fThank goodness the only thing wounded – besides his foot – was his pride. His boss sent him home and told him Wednesday would be a better day.

But would it? Come back tomorrow to find out!


2 thoughts on “Muzzy’s Bad Tuesday at Work

  1. Poor Muzzy. Thanks for nominating me for the 5 day challenge. I was surprised at first, but I’m up to it. I think???


  2. I’m really uncertain if can fulfill your nomination. Time is questionable now if I can do a good job with this for 5 days. I always go with my gut feeling, so… I’m going to put it on hold for future reference? Thanks for thinking of me!


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