The Sandman Cometh

Hi kiddies, here’s my swan song, my long good-bye, my last rhyme! At least for a while.  I may make another appearance later on when time allows.  Until then, enjoy!! Love and feathers, Auntie Goose


Original and more…

The Sandman’s coming in his train of cars
With moonbeam windows and with wheels of stars
So hush you little ones and have no fear
The man-in-the-moon he is the engineer

The railroad track ’tis a moonbeam bright
That leads right up into the starry night
So put on you ‘jamas and say your prayers.

Here comes the Sandman stepping so lightly,
Stealing along on the tips of his toes;
And he scatters the sand With his own little hand.
In the eyes of the sleepy children.

Oh! hear the Sandman singing so softly.
Singing the children to sleep everywhere.
See how drowsy they grow;
Tired heads drooping low,
And hear the sandman singing.

Go to sleep my children, close your sleepy eyes.
The lady moon is watching from out the dark’ning skies.
The little stars are peeping to see if you are sleeping.
Go to sleep my children.
Go to sleep goodnight.

This song was originally posted at:

Written by Lucine Finch in 1899.

Image: “the Man in the Moon” by Daniel Merriam)


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