Balloon Animals Extraordinaire

Thanks to Mother Nature Network I found some balloon animals that are absolutely amazing! Created by balloon master, Masayoshi Matsumoto these aren’t the balloon animals of childhood. The only thing he uses is balloons. Prepare to be amazed!

猫cat2015.2.7イグアナiguana2015.1.11スズランlily of the valley2014.11.30フラミンゴflamingo2013.7.31金魚goldfish2014.10.5輪入道2014.11.29バッファローAfrican buffalo2015.5.24カゲロウ(モデル:クロマダラカゲロウ)mayfly2015.5.4クラゲjellyfish2015.1.24クラゲ(ネオンバルーン使用)jellyfish (with neon ballons)2015.2.1鹿deer2014.9.7

Amazing, Right???

2 thoughts on “Balloon Animals Extraordinaire

  1. These are incredible. I am so glad you posted them. Thank you.


  2. Wow! I might be having to sit down with my balloons later on to see if I can work out the patterns for some of these! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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