Featured Artists – Chalk pictures

One of my favorite blogs, Cool San Diego Sights, has posted some fabulous chalk artists celebrating Balboa Park. Here are a few of my favorites – but be sure to follow the link above to see all the amazing artists!!

(all photos by Richard Schulte)

Team Parada. A beautiful face with elaborately styled hair.

I didn't get the team name, but this exquisite white chalk portrait was one of my favorite pieces at Festa in Little Italy!

Bijan Masoumpanah. This chalk art seems to depict a classic sculpture of a bearded head.

Lidia F. Vasquez. Wow! This elaborate mask is super inventive! It's formed out of elements from Balboa Park's unique architecture!

Faithful Ambassadors Bible Baptist Academy. Cherry blossoms courtesy of the Japanese Friendship Garden! Is this awesome, or what?


This one is my absolute favorite – the skull looks like it is sitting on the street!!

Killer Queens. Dinosaur skull represents what one is likely to see at the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park.

One thought on “Featured Artists – Chalk pictures

  1. I wanted to bend over to pick it up!


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