Presents coloring picture


Here’s another coloring picture from The Storyteller’s Abode. I used picmonkey again; I’m not good with straight lines – especially using a mouse to draw them – so my lines are quite wonky. But then my lines are always wonky so nothing new there!! Be sure to go to The Storyteller’s Abode to download your own copy of Presents Coloring Picture!!!!

3 thoughts on “Presents coloring picture

  1. Wonky lines are better, anyway!


  2. I love that sparkly wrapping paper! A lovely colouring, Sabina. 🙂
    One of the things that takes me longest when I’m prepping the image for online use is making all the lines straight. The original, hand drawn image always looks dreadfully wonky when I open the photo of it in Photoshop. And I agree, drawing straight lines with a mouse is ridiculously hard! Have you thought about copying just the lines of the colouring picture before adding the colours and then overlaying them onto the finished picture? I don’t know whether this is possible with whatever software you use but that way you wouldn’t have to redraw them all…


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