Share Your World – Puzzle Style

I’m participating in Cee’s Share Your World this week and I felt in a puzzle-mood. Therefore I present you with the questions and the answers in puzzle form. If you don’t want to figure out the answers, the second puzzle gives you color-coded questions and answers!!

The Questions

syw qz

The Answers – can you figure them out?

syw qa

Help Arrives!!


syw aaa

syw ab




4 thoughts on “Share Your World – Puzzle Style

  1. I adored your puzzle. And I didn’t even need the colors. Although that looks cool too!!! 😀


  2. What a brilliant way to do Cee’s “Share Your World!”
    Of course when I saw puzzle, I thought jigsaw, since we’re in mid puzzle frenzy over here. You’re wonderfully creative!

    The thing about happenstance is it brings one on some alt uni adventures when least expected. I was checking out a blog on the A to Z Challenge route, and found that there is a whole side challenge of check out others challenges on a Bonus circuit. So I hopped on that causeway and found myself on a Magical Mystery Puzzle Tour!

    Great fun seen here.

    Fim of Quantum Hermit:


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