Blogging A to Z: N is for …

Book Cover Makeover and Review!

My Cover:



Published Cover:


Makeover Process:

This is my favorite book of all that I read for the challenge! The climatic scene takes place in an decades-long abandoned subway tunnel that has been iced over and coated with a moss-like substance. I found a subway tunnel on the internet, cropped and greened it up a bit.

Abandoned_metro_tunnel_1_by_Ssaashnam 1

The climactic scene takes place on a marble altar where there will be a human sacrifice. Back to the internet to search for a stone altar. Cropped it, gave it a bluish tint because the subway tunnel is covered in ice as well (it takes place in winter).

altar  altar chill

Then combined the two photos, added the apple, dagger and blood and voila!



loc badge review


One thought on “Blogging A to Z: N is for …

  1. I’d have to read the book to know the meaning of all the elements, but the first cover captures the beauty quite well. The new cover, not so much. You’re doing a great job though! The apple with the blood – I love!


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