Blogging A to Z: S is for …

Book Cover Makeover and Review!

My Cover:

StoneMattress  aa

StoneMattress  aba

Published Cover:


Makeover Process:

The first cover is based on a photo of a portion of Alaskan Coastline that broke off,  cropped and then desaturated the color. By the way, a ‘stone mattress’ is a geological formation.2014-04-18-permafrostblockofcoastaltundracollapsedonAlaskasArcticCoastCourtesyUSGSAlaskaScienceCenter

StoneMattress  a


The second cover I did for fun is based on another story in the book, Torching the Dusties. In this story an elderly woman has Charles Bonet Syndrome with macular degeneration (a disease that causes hallucinations). She lives in an assisted living facility that is unfortunately burned down. I used a photo of Blithewood Mansion, ‘set it on fire’ with PicMonkey, and added some little people for fun.blithewood_mansion_3



loc badge review



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