Jane Perkins’ New Work

One of my favorite artists has posted 2 pieces of her new work. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jane Perkins, she makes exquisite works of art out of recycled materials. I have featured her before and always do when she has new work to show. Enjoy:


I would never have the patience to do this work! So beautiful!!!



17 thoughts on “Jane Perkins’ New Work

  1. WoW! This is soooo awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing it! I´m going to visit her site straigt away! What a wonderful idea – the lion is just incredible! And all those little toys – so cute 🙂 Have a great day, Sabina! Sarah xoxo

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  3. Logged on just to comment on this amazing piece of artwork. Fantastic!

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  4. These are incredible – and you would never know these are made out of recycled/reused materials!

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  5. This is very cool. I often wonder how people can create such awesome works of art with everyday items. I would imagine it takes a very long time!

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  6. Wow! Love it. There is something similar in one of the terminals in the Atlanta airport. I want to say D terminal but not sure about that. They are not as complex a these, but I love the found objects recycled into something so cool.

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  7. They’re beautiful works of art. They must require an incredible amount of patience to create. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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