Adventures in Acrylic

Early in this decade I played around with acrylic and oil painting. For the oil, I took a Bob Ross course in Wildlife painting and the acrylic I just hit the canvas and ran with it. But, as with most crafts I’ve done in, I never stick with anything long enough to be really good at it because I get bored after a while.  Anyway, I thought I’d post some of my paintings over the next few days. They’re photographs so any fuzziness is the camera’s fault!!


The first of this group is 9 x 12, the next are 8 x 10’s. All three are on canvas. “Crow” includes a paper bird with jeweled eye and chipboard letters. All three are underpainted in black; the second two have the paint thickly applied and scrapped to show the black underneath.



3 thoughts on “Adventures in Acrylic

  1. Love your paintings! Especially the vase! 🙂 You should really stick to it, Sabina! Ahh – Bob Ross! He´s so awesome, I can watch his shows for hours, such a lovely voice…:)

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    • I love for Bob Ross! Here’s a happy little stream running among the happy little trees! Thank you – I would like to get back into painting – the best part about it, for me, was immediate gratification!

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      • 🙂 He´s wonderful, isn´t he?! If we were all a bit more like him, the world would surely be a better place 😉
        You definitely should get back to painting!! The gratification part you mentioned is exactly the reason why I keep doing it 😀
        Have a great day! xoxo


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