Looking ahead – way ahead!!

After the Blogging A to Z 2016 Reflections post I immediately began thinking about what I would do for next year. For the past two years I’ve done digital art. But for 2017 I decided on physical art. So I dug around in my bag of tricks and came up with collage. Now 26 collages will take a long time to do especially because they are themed to the alphabet, so because I was looking for a new art project to work on, I figured why not get started!

That said, it is only May 2016 and I have 11 months to go and I tend to be a bit of a gypsy crafter – I can get easily bored with some project and move on – so in order to help keep myself focused with the task at hand, to keep me honest, and being always in need of posts material (I mean, don’t you get tired of looking at past creative endeavors and want something new and in the process of creating? I am!), I have decided to blog weekly about the project.

I am not a really big planner of details. I have a general idea of what I want the end result to be but most of the time I just get in the ring and start swinging. So I am expecting some missteps along the way but ultimately I always let The Muse be my guide because the Critics in my head are really loud at times and can get fairly nasty. I’m sure I will introduce the Critics to you at some point. They are always happy to be heard!

Since I’ve already been working on the project for over a week, I’ll do a couple of catch-up posts to bring you up-to-date and then will settle in on a weekly update post unless I need to vent because I can tell already that the details of this project are going to drive me crazy.

0519a The collages will consist of letters, letters and more letters!! with maybe a few images representing the letter as well. The first thing I did was hand draw each letter in a note book.

Then I decided that I would use black letters on a white background for around the letter – sort of like a neutral ; and colored letters on a white background or white letters on a colored background for inside the letter. The images will go inside as well.

040Then I started the process of culling magazines for words to cut up into letters.

This first cull I didn’t bother to cut cleanly or to keep the different colors separate. It’s a first rough cut!!

041The next thing to do is to separate the words into color and b&w.

I’m quite sure I will do this many, many, many times over the coming months but I won’t show you each time. I’ll just show updates of individual letters so you can see the progress.

Next Time:  I cut letters and glue! Also, just to satisfy my own curiosity, I will be keeping track of how many glue stick and letters I use!!

Here’s a sneak peek of the letter A!0519d

6 thoughts on “Looking ahead – way ahead!!

  1. That looks like a fun project. 🙂 Good luck with keeping up your momentum. – I’m a bit of a gypsy crafter too!


  2. hey – great idea and i look forward to tagging along for this. and guess what? I just wrote about a recent art experience that kinda ties into this – so you might want to peek at my post – but I actually made my first “real art” piece last week and it was hard at first – and at one point I actually squished my fingers together to reduce some fonts on a poem. really – and I laughed right there because I realized that a year of digital art “only” really transferred to my art that day in real life.
    has this ever happened to you?
    anyhow, your a to z next year will be extra fun….


    • How funny – trying to edit your physical art digitally! No, it hasn’t happened to me – at least not yet! I did enjoy the post about your your art and am now following. I look forward to seeing your art process/progress as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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