A to Z 2017 Collage Update

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but Saturday was just too impossibly beautiful to not get outside (especially with TS Bonnie on the way!) and enjoy it so,  here I am today! (For previous updates go HERE!)

I’ve been on vaca this past week so I hit my mom’s house and the library for some magazines to cut-up:036

Some of the letters are well on their way – predictably vowels:


Some letters are very slow getting started – predictably consonants that aren’t often used:


And before I can even begin to peruse my new magazines, I have these color letters to sort and glue!:041

No letter & glue stick count this week as I don’t have access to my spread sheet so I’ll include it with the update next weekend.  In the meantime, happy sorting and gluing!!!!    happy cat

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