Featured Artist: Secret Art Expedition

Today’s Featured Artist is Sarah who posts her fabulous art on Secret Art Expedition. She paints, draws, takes art photographs, writes and sculpts. She is a true Renaissance woman. Today’s post is showcasing her pottery. I’ve always wanted to try pottery but haven’t yet.

Please enjoy her wonderful art!

happy horse

Happy Horse

the silence

The Silence

sea otter

Sea Otter

rockhopper penguin

Rockhopper Penguin


Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your fabulous talent with us!

Please go to her blog, Secret Art Expedition, to enjoy her art.

One thought on “Featured Artist: Secret Art Expedition

  1. Ooohh, Sabina!!!! This is so absolutely sweet of you!!!! 🙂 Thank you so very, very much for your lovely words and compliments – you made me all teary from joy!!!! 🙂 I´m so glad that you enjoy my art – that´s the whole point of it, I think 🙂 I really hope you´ll try to do some pottery yourself one day, I´m sure you´d like it a lot! Maybe you could order some clay from the internet? There´s also some stuff that doesn´t need firing, or only from a normal oven, I think. And if you do so some day, i´d very much love to see what you´ve created! Maybe some cute little cats?! 😉 Wish you a wonderful and very happy day, my sweet friend, and thank you sooooooo much again!!!!!! xoxo 🙂 ❤

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