Collage Update!

I’m moving along on the A to Z 2017 collage! I’ve come to hate the letter ‘i’ and lowercase  ‘L’ – they’re so small!

Here’s the ones that have the color letters completed!0604cc0604d

While the other letters are well on their way, here are some that have a very long way to go! I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of ‘Q’ – it only has 4 letters!


Here’s the letter count so far. The blacked out letters are a notation that they’re completed the first stage. I tried to make the graph larger but I can see it didn’t work. Next week I’ll try to set it up differently so you can read it easier!:

az 2017 count-1Now that I look at the graph closer, I need to recount ‘A’; that count seems awful low!

Anyway, I’ve got a new stack of words to cut apart and glue!  See you next Saturday and have a gluey week!!!

happy catHappy Caturday!

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