Collage Update 061916

It’s time for my weekly Blogging A to Z challenge, 2017 collage update!! 

I finished some new letters!


I’ve made some progress on some difficult letters! That progress is due to a bunch of tourist magazines from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Lots of “bar-b-que” and pizza ads as well as the liberal use of OBX, the abbreviation for Outer Banks!


Here is the current letter count! (Again, the letters shaded in black indicate completion.)

az 2017 count-061716 coloraz 2017 count-1 061716 bw


I’ve started collecting 3D items for the next stage and am beginning to get some ideas about what I want the final product to look like. I’ve got a long way to go with the background black & white letters but my goal is to be finished with the paper portion by the end of summer. I’ve decided on canvas board for the foundation of the paper collage because I can purchase those ready-to-go whereas masonite would have to be measured, cut and primed before using. If I can remember, I’ll share some of those 3D findings next week! 

Thanks for keeping up with my personal challenge!!  Have a great week!


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