Collage Update 062616

I completed two new letters – H and M. That leaves me with J, K, Q, V, and Z.


I didn’t work on black letters until today so no photos of them. I’ll update you on those next week. 

As I said last week I’ve started collecting items for the 3D portion of the collage project – just a few letters only; I’m still working on what I’ll do with them. I’ll decide that later.


Here’s my current count – the numbers have increase dramatically because I realized my formula wasn’t adding correctly. I fixed it and wow – lots of letters!!!

   az 2017 count-061716 color

az 2017 count-061716 bw

So you can see I’m making slow but steady progress! Again my goal is to be finished with the paper letter portion of the project by the end of summer (Labor Day). I may have to cheat a little with the difficult letters (J, Q, X, Z)!

I’ll be back next week with another update!! Hopefully I’ll feel up to posting other art this week! Have a great day!


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