A to Z Collage Update!!

Time for another A to Z collage Update – I’ve actually finished two letters completely!! Yippee!!

E & O are finished  and awaiting the next phase.


There are only 2 letters left where the color part it incomplete – Q & X.


The two other difficult letters – J & Z are finished color-wise but the black and white part will take a long time!! 


Here’s the current letter count – the blacked in letters means those are complete!az 2017 count.xlsx-1 color


The orange -ed in letters are complete!az 2017 count.xlsx-1 bw

And because I’m a glutton for punishment I’m going to be altering a book at the same time as this collage project progresses for a different challenge.  More about that later!! 

Have a great week and happy creating art!!!cliparistpaint




One thought on “A to Z Collage Update!!

  1. I especially like H and U and E and O 🙂


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