A to Z Collage Update 071716!

So I am growing tired of these letters! Not so much the searching in magazines, or cutting them up but the sorting drives me absolutely crazy!! sorting2

But I’ve come to far to quit now! I’ll just keep pushing on until I get to the end!! The reward comes  when I start adding the 3D stuff!!!

I finished 4 letters this past week – N, R, S, and T!


I finished 1 more color letter this week – X!IMG_3186


That means I have 1 last color letter left  -Q!IMG_3182


Q is the problem child of the alphabet! But I have hope!!!

Here’s the latest letter count – letters ‘blacked or oranged out’ are completed!color letters 071716black and white count 071716

Happy Creating!!!!



One thought on “A to Z Collage Update 071716!

  1. Q da problem child lol 🙂 dats a new one on me lol 🙂 how funny! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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