Upcoming Weather Challenge

A favorite blog that I follow has a weekly one-word challenge; Jennifer Nichole Wells is expanding the One-Word challenge to include a Weather series. Last year when I participated in the challenge I tried to do photos but occasionally I doodled my entries (see: SMOG, HAIL, and FOG/HUMID). This year she’s encouraging participants to use photos, poems, quotes, or whatever suits their fancy to meet the challenge. I encourage you to visit Jennifer’s blog and join in on the challenge!!

Here is a list of the weather words and the dates that are assigned to them. The chart is my own, but if you decide to participate, you can copy mine or wait for Jennifer to post one of her own (she usually does!).weather-13

Since I’m into paper collage right now, I’ve decided to alter a book with paper collage. I’m starting with  Goode’s World Atlas (from college days -the 1980s).IMG_3245

I’ve divided up the pages and laid out where each weather event goes in the book.IMG_3246

I’ve started working on some of the pages already – I won’t preview “Cloud” since it’s first up on the list. Instead, here are some previews of “Sun,” “Hail,” and “Flood.”IMG_3247



So I’ll be posting those collages each week along with my usual Blogging A to Z, 2017 collage update!!  Please check out Jennifer’s blog and consider following her!!

Happy Creating!!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Weather Challenge

  1. I absolutely love this and I’m so excited to see the completed pages! Thank you so so much for sharing about the challenge. You’ve reminded me to do a reminder post about it this week!

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