A to Z Collage Update 08/01/16

Sorry I didn’t get to post my A to Z collage update yesterday. I have disappointing news…I didn’t finish a single letter this week. Made tons of progress but no finishing. Here’s a look at all the remaining letters so you can see the status on each one:


You can see I’m really close to finishing on some and have a ways to go on the others!! I should definitely finish G, P and W this week. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see!

I don’t have letter counts this week – but I will next week!

Saturday starts the Weekly Weather Challenge, so I’ll be posting that as well. In between I have digital art to share.

Happy Creating!!





One thought on “A to Z Collage Update 08/01/16

  1. I am very impressed! That must take a lot of time and patience.


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