Textile Art

Textile art I made back when my fingers were more nimble!

Polar Bears – counted cross-stitch on 22-count linen.0809a

Needlepoint unicorn, 18-count; never one to follow instructions completely, I used embroidery floss for the unicorn – it has a nice sheen.0809b

7 thoughts on “Textile Art

  1. Sooo beautiful, Sabina!!! Are the polar bears your own design or did you use a model? My mom used to embroider, too, but her fingers aren´t really up to it anymore (athritis), that is she could but not without difficulties… 😦 Have a wonderful week! xxx


  2. Nice work! I really like the needlepoint with the embroidery floss.


  3. Those are great! You are very talented.


    • Thanks! I credit my talent to my grandmother. She was a true Renaissance woman. What a great idea for a post. I’ll have to gather all her various art work and do a special post in her honor to. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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