Collage Update 080916!!

I’m finally here with my A to Z 2017 collage update!! Good News! I finished more letters!!

That’s B, C, D, G, I, K, P, W, & Y!!!

All I have left is F, J, Q, V, X, & Z!!

I’m working hard to get to the end of the month to reach my goal of finishing the letters!

I still don’t have a letter count to share – it’s in PDF form and I need it to be in JPG format. I’ll figure it out sooner or later!

Tomorrow I’ll share my look ahead to September and the next step!!

Happy creating!




3 thoughts on “Collage Update 080916!!

  1. You’ve been busy! You’ll be all set for the next A to Z challenge!


  2. That is excellent! I can only imagine how many hours of work went into that.


  3. You must have a lot of patience to have created all of those! Good job, Sabina, and good luck with the rest. 🙂


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