The Next Step!

I’ve been casting about for a background to use for the collage’s because when the letters are finished I planning on adhering 3D objects. Art paper is not strong enough by itself. I thought about MDF board – but I would have to have it cut to size; I almost purchased some canvas boards off of Amazon – but they were a little pricey. So I started looking around for something to recycle or upcycle that would also be cheap! All I had to do was to look in my closet – I found some 12×12 scrapbook albums that I’ve had for well over 6 years and it was time they earned their keep. Using a box cutter, I removed the covers and the nice sturdy inserts. Here are the choices of backgrounds I’ll be using:










I know you can’t see the background very well due to low light – but in the finished product, you may not see it at all!

So the next step is gluing the pages down and then sealing it in preparation for the really fun part!!!  I can’t wait!!


3 thoughts on “The Next Step!

  1. Very nice, I really like the plaid, but any one of them works.

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  2. Whatever you decide, looks to me like it’s going to be “A” very cool work of art!


  3. I like the stripey background – the colours match those of the central A. Whichever you choose the finished product is going to look great. 🙂


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