A to Z Collage Update: 08-14-16

Hey all! I finished 3 more letters this week! Which means only 3 left!! I finished F, V, and Z!



The final 3 letters are J, Q & X!


Next weekend I’ll be sealing the collages to their bases – even if I haven’t finished J, Q, & X. I may leave them unfinished – I kind of like that look. I have some cross stitch pieces I never finished but had framed because it ended up looking kind of cool. I’ll see how I feel next weekend!

I finally have a letter count to share! The ‘oranged’-out and blacked-out letters are finished!az 2017 count bw-1az 2017 count color-1


Next week after sealing, the real fun begins!! I can’t wait!! 

In the meantime, keep creating art!!




2 thoughts on “A to Z Collage Update: 08-14-16

  1. I am so impressed that you kept track of all the letters.


  2. This is great! Very impressive and pretty 🙂 What a great idea 🙂


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