Collage update 082216!

Here’s my weekly A to Z Challenge 2017 update! Not much has changed – still working on J, Q and X!


I’m going on another magazine run tomorrow – I hope I find some good ones – I’m really looking forward to finishing! 

I started sealing the completed pictures – no photos yet but I’m half-way through with them. I’m only putting one coat on – then after adding the 3-D objects I’ll put several coats on to finish. For the first coat I’m using the following: 0822a

I found it at a thrift store for 99 cents and I’m all about doing this project as cheaply as possible – with the upside being fewer things going into the landfill. 

Here’s the current letter count!!!BW count 081916color 081916


That’s it for today!! Next week I hope to show you a completed J, Q and X! And a start on the fun part of the project!!!

Have a Creative Day and/or Week!!!!cliparistpaint




2 thoughts on “Collage update 082216!

  1. That is so cool. I hope you are finding used magazines. I wish you lived near me, the libraries near me have lots of free magazines for you, plus it would be nice to visit with you.


    • Oh the magazines are most definitely free and used!!! I’m getting them from the libraries around the area!! Thank goodness because the thrift stores charge $1 each at least!! It would be nice to visit with you as well!


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