19-Somethin’ Challenge #1

I found a new challenge to participate in!! Well, it was recommended to me by another blogger. This challenge is sponsored by P.S. Annie! It’s called 19 and Something, where participants answer a question about there past each day of September. Sounds like a fun way to spend a September, right? Click on the badge following the post to go to today’s question and answers from other blogs!! 

  1. What movie could you, or did you, see over and over and over again when you were a teenager?


That’s right, STAR WARS!!! I had just graduated high school and the first time I saw it (with my best friend) I remember the feeling of awe watching that first scene where the Imperial Destroyer was chasing the smaller ship and it entered the screen from the top – and just kept going and going and going, getting bigger and bigger. I was breathless!  When it came to an end, my friend and I left the theater and got right back in line to see it again. I watched it over 12 times that first summer. It is still one of my all-time favorites – but I say that with a caveat – I ONLY like the original movie. I watched the first 2 sequels, was disappointed in them (no magic for me) and the revised version of the first one (Episode IV for the fans) that George Lucas did with enhanced digital effects. No magic for me. 

I also had the album –  in LP form –  and played it over and over and over again! And yes, I did have a crush on Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker); I had many fantasies of conquering space with him!

Go HERE to see the opening sequence on YouTube. Make it fullscreen, turn the volume up LOUD and try to imagine sitting in a darkened theater watching the magnificence unscroll on a HUGE screen – not the dinky ones we have today. Even today I felt my heart race a bit when I watched it again – 39 years later!

star wars


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5 thoughts on “19-Somethin’ Challenge #1

  1. It sounds like you really enjoyed Star Wars very much. 🙂

    I am an oddball…I’ve never seen it. I have seen glimpses of it as our children watched the videos over the years and I was passing through the room, but I have never actually sat down to watch it.

    Thanks so much for joining our 19-Somethin’ Challenge. I think this will be a very fun month of memories. Please remember to add your blog link to the linky on our main challenge page. Have a blessed day!

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  2. I had no idea you were a Star Wars fan. Great movie(s).

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  3. I liked Star Wars. My friends and I waited until the crowds were not so large. I think it took about a month. It was a cool movie.


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