19-Somethin’ Challenge #5

I found a new challenge to participate in!! Well, it was recommended to me by another blogger. This challenge is sponsored by P.S. Annie! It’s called 19-Somethin’, where participants answer a question about there past each day of September. Sounds like a fun way to spend a September, right? Click on the badge following the post to go to today’s question and answers from other blogs!! 

  1. Today is Labor Day in the United States. How old were you when you got your first job? What was that job? Did you enjoy it?

I started babysitting when I was 15. I babysat every weekend.baby sit

My favorite jobs were the parents who fed me well and had small children who went to bed early.stock-illustration-77660293-baby-sitter

I didn’t like the ones that didn’t leave me food or the kids were monsters. I rarely sat for them twice.babysitter__s_revenge_by_agentradkid

I was never given an allowance – my father didn’t believe in it – so really, my first job was ironing handkerchiefs for 5 cents a piece when I was younger!ironin


3 thoughts on “19-Somethin’ Challenge #5

  1. I love the photos you chose to go with your answer. I didn’t get an allowance either, I was offered one, but I figured I wpould fare better just asking for what I want. 🙂


  2. My sister and her best friend were heavily in demand babysitting. They were all booked up for New Year’s Eve. My mother told me I was going to baby sit for a little boy in the neighborhood. I baby sat twice for the family.


  3. I love the photos that you’ve used here, too, especially the last one – so sweet. 🙂 Free food at work is always a plus!

    I didn’t get an allowance either. I didn’t remember until reading some of the posts that my actual first job was babysitting. I didn’t do it for long, I guess that is why I forgot about it. This husband and wife worked nights, but they had school-aged kids that had to get up for school. They were too young to be spending the night alone, so I spent the night with them, and their parents were home in time to deal with getting them ready for school. One night, it sounded like someone was breaking in and I got very scared. The cops were called, and I think I called my mama, too, but I’m not sure about that. Anyway, they had to find other arrangements. I just wasn’t prepared for dealing with bad guys.

    Thanks for playing along. Have a great week!


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