19-Somethin- #8

This challenge is sponsored by P.S. Annie! It’s called 19-Somethin’, where participants answer a question about their past each day of September. Sounds like a fun way to spend a September, right?


  1. What celebrity death upset you the most when you were young?

I was very young when President Kennedy died – I remember watching it on TV – especially the Riderless Horse – but I was too young to really be moved.

JFK Funeral - Spad

Riderless horse, JFK funeral, Washington D.C.


When I was a teenager, in 1975 a racehorse name Ruffian shattered her leg during a televised race and I remember being stunned and cried when several hours later it was announced that she had to be euthanized. It was only a few years earlier when we had moved from Mississippi and I had to leave my horse behind. I suspect the tears I cried were also for Keyno.ruffian


The only other celebrity death I remember well was Princess Diana. Of course I was an adult by then but it really hit me hard – no tears – but I was really stunned over it.princess-diana-death-headlines



3 thoughts on “19-Somethin- #8

  1. I remember when Princess Diana died too and how shocking it was. .


  2. I wasn’t born yet for Kennedy’s death, but David was. How sad that horse had to be euthanized. 😦
    I remember Princess Diana dying. It was very sad, especially the thought that her little boys were now going to have to grow up without their mama. Some of us watched the funeral and thought about how the wrong person was in that coffin. She seemed to have a sweet spirit about her.

    Thanks for participating in the challenge. Have a blessed day!


  3. Oh, I forgot about when President Kennedy was assassinated. I was in 7th grade, and everyone started crying. We watched the tv coverage, too.


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