19-Somethin’ #9

This challenge is sponsored by P.S. Annie! It’s called 19-Somethin’, where participants answer a question about their past each day of September. Sounds like a fun way to spend a September, right?


  1. What was your favorite celebrity hairstyle when you were a teenager? Did you imitate their hairstyle?

My hair was – and still is – super fine and thin – won’t hold a curl without a perm, a curling iron and tons of hair spray  – only during the 80s did I have a ‘hair-style’ (that comes later in this month of questions – I’ll share my photo then!). So my hair-icon of choice while I was in high school was:

1970s-hairstyle Cher


 ali  Ali McGraw


Of course my hair wasn’t as thick and beautiful as their’s but the effect was the same – long and straight`!

img_3833 Graduation Day, 1977 – long straight hair

img_3834  Senior portrait – taken during my Junior year – hair longish and straight!


10 thoughts on “19-Somethin’ #9

  1. Those are very nice photos. About the senior portrait, was that a drape that they used on all of the girls or your regular clothes? I ask because they used black drapes with fuzzy white colors for my mama’s senior photos (1964) and black ones similar in style to yours, worn with a string of pearls, in my father-in-law’s senior year (1953). They didn’t do anything at all like that at our school when I had my senior photo taken. I kind of like the uniform look. I think it looks classy. We just had our regular clothes, nothing fancy like that. I graduated in 1983 and David in 1980. He says they didn’t drape his sister, either, and she graduated in 1978.

    Thanks for participating in the challenge. Have a blessed weekend!

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    • The drape was standard for all seniors. We had to go to a photographer at a mall – boys had to have tuxedo shirt and jacket and girls had to have a drape, all provided by the photog. This was only if you wanted to be in the school yearbook! Getting all the seniors photographed was a big job – there were over 600 in my class – so I guess that’s why they started toward the end of junior year. I believe I had my photo in summer.

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      • Wow! There were only 156 in my graduating class and less than 150 in David’s class…only 20 in my late father-in-law’s graduating class of 1953. I don’t know how many graduated with my mother. There were only 800 or so in the whole school where David and I went to high school (9-12th grades).

        Were all of the schools in your area so large?

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    • All of the schools in this area were large, Today the schools are so large the graduation ceremonies are held in the city’s convention center – with graduating classes as large as 800-1000 students. Every student is allowed only a certain number of family/friends to attend and to keep things moving along, no applause is allowed after the names are called. Only one round of applause allowed at the end. It’s like a giant cattle-call!

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      • Your area must be tremendous! It sounds like just one school there has the potential of being larger than the town that we live in now (which is way bigger than the town where we went to high school). Our current town has about 11,000 people, give or take. Our graduation took place on the football field behind the school. If it had rained, it would have been held inside in the gym. Thankfully, it didn’t rain. 🙂 How many high schools are there? We only had one high school in our district. As far as I know, there is still only the one high school and one middle school, but another elementary school has been added.


      • The area I live in consists of 7 cities and my city, Virginia Beach has 55 elementary schools, 15 middle schools and 12 high schools! (I had to google the question to find out!!)


  2. Great photos!! I too enjoyed the Sonny & Cher TV Show. Back in the day I had a giant Afro! The look was Angela Davis, the Jackson Five and the Sylvers. Soul Train was a major influence and inspiration for me back then. I graduated in 1977 from Benjamin Cardozo High School.

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