Weekly Weather: Hurricane

Here’s my submission for Jennifer Nichole Well’s Weekly Weather Challenge! This week’s theme is Hurricane. Please consider joining her challenge – she accepts all types of submissions, from photos to art to writing!!! Click on the badge below to go to her blog and submit your art!!

Hurricane, full 2-page spread, appropriately over Cuba and other Caribbean islands.hurricane-full


Left page close up; the hurricane symbol is over an area in the Caribbean Sea known as ‘Hurricane Flats’.hurricane-left


Right page close up, complete with plastic ships trying to ride out the ocean’s gianormous waves. They’re cut in half and held on with glue and metal brads.hurricane-right



5 thoughts on “Weekly Weather: Hurricane

  1. Great take on this! Nicely done! 😊


  2. Your art journal for this project just gets better all the time. Love seeing what you come up with every time! 🙂


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  4. I so love seeing your weekly pages!!


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