19-Somethin’ #13 and a new project!

This challenge is sponsored by P.S. Annie! It’s called 19-Somethin’, where participants answer a question about their past each day of September. Sounds like a fun way to spend a September, right?


  1. Did any of the men in your family have big sideburns? What did you think of it then? What do you think of it now, looking back?

Yes, my father had large sideburns. I didn’t think anything about them then but now I find them quaint.

I’m doubling up on my posts since 19-Somethin’ was so short. I’m taking a break from the A to Z Challenge Collage Project and started something new.

0814-bSeveral months ago my nephew sent me a deck of cards from the MGM Grand Casino/Hotel in Las Vegas and I’ve decided to alter them. I’ve altered playing cards before – its been a long while – I created a “Madonna Deck” and an “Adonis Deck” – which I will post photos of those later.

0814-aThis deck – as yet unnamed – came as a result of going through so many fashion magazines and looking at all the ads for the excesses of life – diamond covered watches and super expensive jewelry – it was all very pretty – and I wanted to do something with those gorgeous pictures. So the cards from the MGM Grand seemed like the perfect canvas for such excess.

I divided the cards up into their suits and decided on themes – Clubs – watches; Diamonds – jewelry; Hearts – still working on this theme, but possibly something to do with women or beauty; and Spades – Butterflies and Birds, or flying.

I’ve already finished the Club suite, “Time”-  Don’t strain your eyeballs, the poem follows the cards…!scan0001-1scan0002-1

Here is the poem I used…

Let us view with joy and mirth
All the clocks upon the earth
Holding time with busy tocking
Ticking booming clanging clocking
Anxiously unraveling
Time’s travelling
Through the stars and winds and tides.
Who can tell where time abides?
Foolish clocks, all time was broken
When that first great Word was spoken.
 Cease we now this silly fleeing
From earth’s time, for time’s a being
And adoring
Bows before Him
Who upon the throne is seated.
Time, defeated, wins, is greeted.
Clocks know not time’s loving wonder
Day above as night swings under,
Turning always to the Son,
Time’s begun, is done, does run
Singing warning
Of the morning
Time, mass, space, a mystery
Of eternal trinity.
Time needs make no poor apology
For bursting forth from man’s chronology
Laughs in glee as human hours
Dance before the heavenly powers.
Time’s undone
Because the Son
Swiftly calls the coming light
That will end the far-spent night.
“Let us view with joy and mirth”
By Madeleine L’Engle
The holes in the cards are where they will be bound! I’ll post another update later on in the week!

3 thoughts on “19-Somethin’ #13 and a new project!

  1. That is a cool project! Great idea, looks amazing so far.


  2. Do you have a photo of your daddy with his sideburns?

    I think that your project looks like loads of fun! The poem is great, too. What does your nephew think of what you’re doing with the cards? I can’t wait to see the rest of them. 🙂

    Thanks for playing along with our challenge. Have a blessed day!


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