Halloween Challenge: Pumpkin

It’s new challenge time!! Each day in October is a new topic and I’ll be posting a collage of each topic! The first day’s topic is Pumpkin!




pumpkin-161650_1280 Go HERE to find out more about the challenge!!



5 thoughts on “Halloween Challenge: Pumpkin

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  2. You are so ambitious! Great job on the collage. I look forward to seeing all you come up with.

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  3. Those are great collages and cool pumpkins, too. I wish that I could draw pumpkins like that. I can’t seem to work out the face right on the jack-o-lanterns. I look forward to your other collages, too. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.


  4. These pages are beautiful! Love how they seem to live on a field of pumpkins.


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