Halloween Challenge #14: Broom

Today’s topic for JNW’s Halloween Challenge is Broom!

I couldn’t find many images of brooms so I made my own! The ones on this page are made of magazine photos of dried grass and sunflower petals.14-broom-a

Here’s the one image of a broom (other than the witches cut from scrapbook paper). The top broom is another mag photo of dried grass and modeled after the ones used in the Philippines. The bottom broom is made from bristles of an ancient whisk broom hanging in my kitchen and a rolled up strip of scrapbook paper. 14-broom-bpumpkin-161650_1280 Click on the Pumpkin for more info!!halloween-challenge

2 thoughts on “Halloween Challenge #14: Broom

  1. Those came out great- very creative.


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