Projects: update and new

Now that the Halloween Project is done and in the can, as movie people say, and the Weekly Weather Project is done as well, it’s time to move on to something new. But first a quick update on an old project.

Remember all those crazy letter collages for A to Z 2017 I worked so diligently on over the summer? Well they are all complete – 99% anyway. All the 3D items have been adhered and they just need to be sealed. Right now the giant stack of collages, are wrapped in a protective towel to prevent dust, sunlight and kitty claws from getting to them, resting. I won’t look at them again until sometime around February when I seal them, after I’m sure they’re finished. Sorry. No photos until then – I will give some sneak peeks!!!

Now, the next big project is JNW’s 120 Days of Color. This is an even bigger project than any I have done for her challenges before – 120 separate pieces of art representing the 120 colors of Crayola crayons! Its taken me months to figure out what I want to do. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of what I am going to do – at least not yet. I do have a photo of what I was originally thinking about doing.

005-2 I bought this little machine years ago and have never used it. So in my head I was thinking I would use it to melt crayons and do something abstract with the melted crayon. But then when I messed with it on Sunday I realized there are all sorts of safety mechanisms built into it to protect the target audience (kids) and there’s no way to get to the melted crayon without tearing it apart. Too much trouble. So it’s off to the thrift store to find a couple of throw away pans to melt crayons with!!

As soon as I solidify my idea and process, you can bet I’ll be posting about it! In the meantime, click on the badge below to find out more info about the challenge and maybe join in. I will tell you 120 days is hard to do, but maybe you can join in every once in a while!

009-2 Here’s my official unpacker, Toby. If there’s a box any where within earshot, he’s there helping me unpack!

013 He was definitely more interested in the box that the machine!


2 thoughts on “Projects: update and new

  1. Melting crayons sounds like fun! I look forward to seeing what you make out of them. 🙂


  2. You amaze me with all the things you do . I just checked out this challenge and I can’t do it. I have a lot of trouble with blues and greens. I joke that I am color blind because everyone says my kitchen floor is blue and I say it is green. 🙂


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