Weekly Weather: Wind

The Weekly Weather topic for this week is Wind. I thought long and hard about this one – I kept seeing in head an ad from years ago (I don’t remember what the product was) – this one of the bassett hound in the collage below – and started looking for photos with dogs with their ears flapping in the wind. Well, you know how when you look for something you can’t find it, well, I never found what I was looking for. Finally, I saw another ad with a kite and voilà!  Inspiration was born!


Ears to you . . .


Wind, full page spreadwind-full

Wind, left pagewind-left

Wind, left page, poem detailwind-left-detail

Wind, right page. The kites are scrapbook paper, sharpie marker and fabric photo corner tails (colored with sharpie markers).wind-right

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Weather: Wind

  1. That came out great. Bassett hounds are cute.


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  3. Beautiful job! I adore kites.


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