Melted Crayons, part 2

Yesterday I told you how I came up with the decision to use a toaster oven to melt the crayons. Today I’ll show you some of the results. I’ll tell you now I’m not super happy with the end product but that means I just have more practice to do before I actually start the art itself.

melting-f This is the first thing I tried – just little drops of red wax on the paper.

melting-e This is the first mock-up of what my plan is – which is to take a photo (or collage of photos – magazine photos), match it with the same color crayon and go from there. In this case I had a black and white photo and poured red and then purple crayon around it. There’s also a puddle of marbleized crayon that I’ll show close up tomorrow.

result-a This is the second mock-up with the crayon matching the main color in the picture – sort of aquamarine blue. I liked it okay. But then I realized if I bent the paper the wax would flake off. So I took all the wax of and what did I find?

result-b The oily residue of the color – brighter than the melted crayon and I liked it!

result-c So I melted the chips again and poured them on top.

result-dMore bang for the buck and I get to use the crayons more than once! (By the way, this is a glitter crayon, in case you were wondering about the sparkle.)

result-f The final result of this day – I dribbled some wax drops on the picture itself – to mimic the rock in the water – but I didn’t peel this wax off (I did that on the earlier mock-up to yucky results). I really like the effect of pouring the wax, then removing it to leave the true essence of the color underneath. Now the next step is to improve my pouring technique!


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3 thoughts on “Melted Crayons, part 2

  1. That is so awesome and I adore the sparkle. Looking forward to seeing more.


  2. Wow!! Amazing and Incredible!! Very Jackson Pollack but better!! Can’t wait to see more!!


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