Thanksgiving Turkeys on Display

My sister works for a branch of the local library and is always looking for things to put in the display case by the front door. All of the branches have display cases for patrons to show off whatever collectibles they have. I volunteered my turkey collection because of, well, you know! And I wanted to share them! 057


Bottom shelf, Beanie Baby turkeys – my sister put them down at the bottom for the kids to look at. Of the old style beanies, I’m missing 3 turkeys – one of these days I’ll find them to add to the flock. Next shelf up are 2 napkin holders, one plastic, one ceramic, a turkey teapot (so gorgeous!!!!) and a pumpkin-turkey figurine made of resin.062


On the middle shelf are a pair of Fitz & Floyd candle holders and the prize of my collection, a McCoy cookie jar. The red of the wattle and ‘cookies’ lettering has worn off but I love it anyway. A thrift store treasure for $19.99.060


At the very top, a super big polyresin turkey , a turkey-shaped sauce container (rear) and in front, the most recent addition, a planter.061

As you can probably tell from the flock other than the beanies, I like my turkeys in their natural state – not dressed as pilgrims or anything else cutesy. Also, with the exception of the beanies, the teapot and the super big one, my flock has been found at thrift stores through the years. About 5 years ago I realized my flock was beginning to overwhelm me and I decided to stop buying all that I saw. I got rid of the ones I didn’t love or really like and since then I limit myself to one a year – which is kind of easy since turkeys are a very seasonal item. Of course, if I bring one home, I have to get rid of one of the ones I really like – but never the ones I love!! I’ve got to keep the flock culled or they’ll take over!!!

Thank you for letting me share my turkey flock with you! Happy Turkey Day!!!





2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Turkeys on Display

  1. That is a fantastic turkey collection, I am impressed. I have one of the beanie babies 🙂


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