Handmade Ornaments

Throughout the month of December I’ll be posting photos of handmade Christmas ornaments, mostly belonging to my mom. I helped her decorate her tree this weekend and took photos of the ones she hung on the tree. Others are from my own collection of ornaments. And others will be for sale! (More about that later.) 

I hope you’ll like them and maybe willing to try them (no instructions included; sorry you’ll have to figure some out for yourself!).

Here’s the first group:

Porcelain gift, painted by my beloved Mama Bush, fired by Aunt Blanche019

Porcelain Santa, painted & fired by my Aunt Blanche020

Porcelain Santa, painted by Mama Bush, fired by Aunt Blanche024

Aunt Blanche used to purchase porcelain blanks, paint and the fire them. Mama Bush, already very talented, would visit and paint some porcelain as well. Together they painted ornaments, figurines, plates and tiles. Both talented ladies are gone now, these ornaments are circa 1976 or so.



One thought on “Handmade Ornaments

  1. They are beautiful. I bought a used kiln 3 years ago, but I ended up selling it because my hubby hurt his shoulder moving it and hated it after that.


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