CYW:2017 – it begins…

I started creating the melted crayon art this weekend. I’ll show you what I did then will tell you what I learned!

0361. the inspirational picture, color: Sunset Orange

037 2. rough pencil sketch

039 3. basic coloring in of sketch with the crayon


Then comes the melting!

050 4. First pour – I really liked the wax on the page like this. Too bad it won’t stay. If I were pouring on a harder surface (than white cardstock) I could lift it off in once piece once it totally cooled and then adhere with a strong adhesive. Nope! Too many colors to do and not enough time!


054 5. After the crayon wax has been removed. With some pours no pigment remains, just wax. Other pours the pigment is left behind. I haven’t figured out why yet but it makes for time-consuming  double and triple pours.


058 6. melted crayon everywhere!!

059 7. its on the carpet, too.

060 8. color: melon – over spill from pour and speckles from sunset orange accident.

Lessons learned:

  1. melting crayons is smelly work; keep fan on and window open; if you heat too fast and too long it smokes
  2. melted wax crayon doesn’t go where you want it to when you pour; use a guide or straight-edge!
  3. don’t move picture (if working on multiple colors at the same time) until the just poured wax has skinned over – use fan for quick cooling (see #6-8)
  4. this is very MESSY!
  5. keep cats away!


To Do List:

  1. figure out wax/pigment residue problem
  2. try to do one color a night to speed up process

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!!!


3 thoughts on “CYW:2017 – it begins…

  1. Great sketch. I admire all the effort you are putting into this.


  2. I’m so enjoying your progress. These are gonna be so so great once done.


  3. That definitely looks like a messy project! Good luck with the rest of it. 🙂


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