Handmade Ornaments: Nuts!

All of the following ornaments were made in the 1970s by a women’s group my mom belonged to. All are made with walnuts, except the mouse! Enjoy and see if you can figure out how to make them!

Walnut Fruit Basket, half shelf, artificial fruit, gold paint, gold cord067068075


Pecan mouse on fabric yo-yo with pipe cleaner tail. Very cute. Does anyone even know how to make yo-yo’s anymore? 069073074


Walnut mouse – half shell, polyfill, felt, pompoms, fabric and more. Extra cute!070071


Walnut strawberries, painted red, white beads, green felt. 077082

My mom’s group was very industrious! A different ornament each year! Please share if you try any of these on your own!!!


4 thoughts on “Handmade Ornaments: Nuts!

  1. Just too cute! Thanks for posting these delightful creations.


  2. Those are precious and I also thank you for sharing. I think the simple ornaments like these that require so much love to make, are the best!


  3. Those are all great, I especially like the strawberries.


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