Handmade dolls

I helped out my sister with a display at the library this month (last month it was my turkey collection!) This month we thought handmade dolls would be good for the holiday season. These photos aren’t as nice as I thought they would be, but you can still see the dolls.


First up, two dolls made by my Aunt Margie and a troll made by me. The ivory doll on the left is muslin and lace with all of her details embroidered – including her face. The sunflower doll in back has a painted on face. The troll used to be a Bananas-in-Pajamas doll. I remade him into a troll. I used the banana’s stem for the nose and the pajamas with new fabric sewn right on top. He has silk leaves & button accents; embroidered eye brows, ears & wrinkles; and jute hair & mustache.029

mm13n9r-yyai8yegob1rwkg This is what the troll looked like pre-makeover. I’d like to do another one but I’ve never seen another one at a thrift store since. Got one hanging around? Let me know and I’ll buy him off of you (for thrift store prices, of course! 🙂 ).

These three dolls are made by Aunt Margie from preprinted fabric panels. The dolls in the background are handmade puppets from Thailand. I’ve had them for about 30 years.030


The faceless doll in the background I purchased from a shop. The artist made her entirely by hand. She has tons of hair and I fell in love with her. The doll in the front is another makeover by me of a thrift store doll. I went a little crazy with her!031


I’m sorry for the poor quality photo – I really like this doll. A thrift store doll makeover, I didn’t like the face she came with so I covered it over with a lovely dark chocolate brown silk and made her faceless. I purchased braided hair from a beauty supply house and sewed each lock on (she also has tons of hair). She has a a beaded necklace around her face and beads in her braids. Her dress is super long because the brown of her feet and hands is a light caramel and doesn’t match her face. When I bring her home I’ll take another photo and post it. My dolls don’t have names. I don’t know why – I just never thought of any for them.032


This dragon was made by my grandmother, Mama Bush. I particularly like the smoke coming out of the dragon’s nostrils. (You can’t see it too well in this photo) I hope you enjoyed seeing the dolls as much as I enjoyed sharing them. Thanks, mom, for sharing your sister Margie’s dolls with me for a little while!! Yes, I promise to return them.033

More ornaments coming and an update on CYW 2017! I’ve figured out a new technique with the melted crayons!!! Happy Tuesday!!!



2 thoughts on “Handmade dolls

  1. I like the one that looks like Snow White.


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