More handmade ornaments!

More handmade ornaments from mom’s tree. They are all from the 80s or earlier.

First up macrame mice – does anybody do macrame any more? Cute felt hats, googly eyes, wood bead noses and yarn tails. The used to magnets but now they hang on the tree by their ear.085

Looks super simple to do!086

Snowman of felt and embroidery floss. I made him eons ago.087

Another woman’s group ornament – felt, rickrack, embroidery floss, googly eyes and scrap fabric.088

Needlepoint candle – I did this one back when I had eyes to see fine work and fingers to perform it. You can see in some places where I missed the right hole. In all the needlework I’ve done (and I’ve done a lot) I never had a perfect piece. Every time I would miss a stitch or miscount (in counted cross stitch). Being imperfect is my signature!093

This one is mine. My sister gave it to me sometime last century. An unknown type of seashell that has mother of pearl inside with bottle brush tree, ceramic mouse, cotton and glitter that’s been hardened with shellac. Another easy one but I sure love it!097

That’s all for tonight! This weekend is Weekly Weather and hopefully I’ll make some progress on CYW-2017!!!!



2 thoughts on “More handmade ornaments!

  1. I absolutely love the last one. Handmade ornaments are best. There are always stories behind them and the time/effort/love that goes into them is huge. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Those are all great, especially the snowman.


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